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Summer Fun for Everyone, Muggles Included

Team photo from Bend It with the Beat on June 8. Paula E. Kirman

I write this on one of the only sunny days we’ve seen in a while. While the rain tends to dampen spirits, it seems like it hasn’t kept people from getting out to enjoy themselves anyway.

The League hosted an EPS appreciation event on Saturday, June 8th in Giovanni Caboto Park. The intent was to give our thanks to the dedicated men and women who work in our community everyday. A pickup game of soccer between the cops and kids earned the name Bend It with the Beat, and the event served double duty as we held one of two registrations for the summer sports program that we offer. The weather tried to keep us down that day as well, but we held fast. As always, a special thanks goes out to the EPS members, especially Cst. Andrew Melney, and the League’s very own Linn Cardinal who made the event a success.

Our Kids Summer Sports Program offers basketball and soccer in a non-competitive setting that focuses on fun and socializing. Kids aged from 3 to 13 enjoy organized and supervised fun at both the McCauley Rink for basketball, and the soccer pitches at Giovanni Caboto Park. I have to admit it is one of the highlights of my summer seeing all the kids in the park. This is another program that would not be possible without the amazing parent volunteers who are too many to name. So thank you all.

Next up in August will be a Movie Night in the Park like we had last year. This year we have landed on a Harry Potter theme and will be showing The Philosopher’s Stone on August 21. The event will start early evening with vendors selling all manner of magical items and treats (imagine Diagon Alley), a Quidditch demonstration presented by the Edmonton Aurors Quidditch team, as well as the Hogwarts Express in bouncy castle form. So, here’s hoping the weather cooperates once more. Times will be posted on the League’s and BMC News’ Facebook pages, as our own website is undergoing renovations. This is an “everyone” event, so all are welcome to come out and enjoy a magical night under the stars. The event is free of charge and will have something for everyone, Muggles included.

I welcome your feedback and comments always, so if you have items of concern or just want to chat, reach out to me at

Greg is the President of the McCauley Community League.

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