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Summer Sun and Fun

“O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.” – Roman Payne (American Author)

Summer is a feeling, a scent, a celebration, a season.

What I love is the long duration of sunlight, waking at 5 a.m. with Mother Nature’s alarm clock (the singing birds). I also love the summer twilight, when the sun is below the horizon, but its rays are scattered by Earth’s atmosphere to create the colours.

Summer is a time to relish the outdoors, festivals, street food, even a dance in a warm rain!

Summer activities include gardening, cycling, and a calm stroll through the neighbourhood, which are good for the body and mind. I look forward to restaurant patios, the smell of barbecue, and the relaxing feeling!

Let us not forget the less fortunate. Support is needed year round. In summer I carry around an extra bottle of water in my backpack to hand out.

Enjoy the beautiful season, the big sky, and have a safe summer!

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