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Talent at iHuman Showcased at Nextfest 2021

Jayden Paz, one of the iHuman performers this year at Nextfest. Arsan Buffin

Nextfest was created out of the need to support the voice of the emerging professional artist, a place where the young artist was nurtured. This year’s festival is taking place online from June 3 to June 13th. The full schedule of performances is located at the festival’s website.

One of Nextfest’s showcases this year features six amazingly talented music artists from the iHuman Youth Society. Their home base is in the Boyle Street neighbourhood at 9635 102A Avenue.

Each year, iHuman Artistic Director, Steve Pirot curates a group of amazing up-and-comers to be part of our festival. This year we have an incredible lineup of newcomers and returning Nextfest alumni hitting the virtual stage.

iHuman Studios is amped to present the first season of TNT with six episodes spotlighting the iHuman music artists: Valkyrie, Vntge, Mad John, FAVES, Jayden Paz, and Trebla.

iHuman Studios is a collective of young multidisciplinary artists between the ages of 12 and 24 years who constitute the members of iHuman Youth Society. iHuman’s mission is to invite young people to transform their experiences of personal and systemic trauma through acts of expression & creativity into experiences of Purpose, Self-worth, Identity, and Belonging. Here is the schedule of episodes and artist bios.

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