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The Decadence of France, Delivered

Croissant and cookies. Paula E. Kirman

Macarons and Goodies French Bakery
10548 101 Street

On hot summer days I sometimes feel like enjoying smaller meals, as well indulging in sweet treats.

A craving for a sandwich and pastries inspired me to try Macarons and Goodies. Located just across from McCauley’s west border, the French bakery features a variety of pastries in addition to breakfast selections, sandwiches, salads, and other lunch items. There are also coffee and other beverages to be had.

Still trying to stay home as much as possible, I ordered from Uber Eats. The shop also delivers via SkipTheDishes and DoorDash. For my lunch, I decided on a smoked salmon flatbread sandwich. My two biggest, consistent complaints about flatbreads are that they either don’t have enough toppings on them, or that the bread itself is bland (or both).

This flatbread had neither of these problems. The bread was chewy in the middle, and crunchy all around the edges. Served slightly warm, it was loaded with smoked salmon, capers, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and dill. When I ordered, I was given the option to customize to some extent, so I opted to hold the cream cheese, as I have never really liked it. I didn’t miss it in the least. The portion was small, but mighty.

Of course, when ordering from a French bakery I cannot resist getting a few treats. The raspberry sablé cookie had delicious, sweet raspberry preserves between two fresh shortbread cookies, lightly dusted with icing sugar. The chocolate financier cookie had the consistency of moist cake, filled with oozing dark chocolate. Both cookies were small, but extremely rich.

Finally, how could I resist trying a croissant? I absolutely love croissants, and I was not disappointed. The crunchy, flaky layers on the outside gave way to the softer, chewier interior of buttery goodness.

At Macarons and Goodies, you are going to pay for quality. The flatbread was $11.95. My cookies were $1.50 for the raspberry sablé and $1.75 for the chocolate financier, and the croissant was $2.95. With taxes, the delivery fee, and tip, my lunch came to around $30. However, for an occasional treat, it’s worth it. Macarons and Goodies also offers pre-payment with a credit card, and curbside pick-up. Treat yourself to something decadent.

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