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The EIC Initiative

Fostering a community of love, support, and care.

The Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC) is a community full of love, caring, and support. In this and future articles, we endeavour to inform readers of the non-profit organizations operating in the EIC facility and to continue to bring light to their many good deeds.

As a system of service and various advocacies, the Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC) now hosts 13 non-profit organizations in converted office spaces throughout the historic 1912 McCauley School building in the heart of the McCauley community. Some refer to it as “the old brick building on 107th Avenue” usually followed by asking, “What goes on there?” or commenting, “I thought that place was closed.” Actually, it’s so alive, it has a heartbeat!

The EIC provides these organizations an avenue to raise awareness and offer intercultural sharing and learning, inclusion, and anti-racism through art, education, research, and recreation. Our member tenants share an atmosphere of a dynamic micro-community made of diverse sectors with the same goal: Intercultural Engagement.

Food for All!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Multicultural Health Brokers Co-Op (MCHB), in partnership with the Edmonton Food Bank, Leftovers Edmonton, and Multicultural Family Resource Society (MFRS), saw the demand for food security increase by nearly 500 percent. MCHB had to rapidly expand its existing Food Distribution/Grocery Run Program to look after and serve their unique and diverse communities. This program is now consistently and efficiently providing over 3,200 individuals with weekly, essential food hampers.

This organization aims not only to provide food, but also to distribute nutritious and culturally-relevant items to members of ethnocultural communities who are dealing with chronic poverty. The demand for programs like this rose during the pandemic when more than 550 families found themselves in crisis due to an increased need for medical care and support, reduced work hours, and loss of employment. MCHB aims to reach more families as they bounce back from these times.

Culturally-Responsive Early Learning and Child Care

Aside from food, education is a basic need of all individuals, especially children. Intercultural Child and Family Centre (ICFC) strives to nurture children by offering child care with a socially-responsible and progressive attitude.

This organization provides a vibrant learning community that shares knowledge about traditions, food, language, and daily practices. ICFC is led by certified educators and trained professionals who continuously engage in child care education and professional development. They also conduct research on cultural diversity, cultural identity, and multicultural childhood assessments.

Information provided by the Edmonton Intercultural Centre.

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