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The Holidays are Upon Us

Giovanni Caboto Park in December of 2023. Paula E. Kirman

No time of year is as wonderful and magical as winter. It is created by God with the colour white, so that each one of us can get a great opportunity to start a new path in our lives from a blank page. Every year is as unique as the delicate patterns of snowflakes on the windows of houses on a frosty morning. They go by as quickly as the small heavenly messengers. The snowflakes melt, leaving moments of happiness as a gift. 

Every year in our lives is the best gift from God. We may all be different, but deep in our souls we always remain children, waiting for miracles. We constantly believe that the new year will take away all the misfortunes and hesitations, as well as a new book will be opened with 365 pages, a book of hope and good fortune. The snowflakes fly, like birds whirl in a starry night, and there comes the most wonderful time of the year: the season of Christmas and the New Year. The bells on reindeers' necks are ringing, Santa's sleigh is racing, and children's eyes are filled with joy and hope. It is a time of good deeds, as well as providing care and support to those who need it the most. 

The main aspect of a human is humanity: the ability to show compassion and mercy towards others. Charity is one of the most important things in our lives, teaching each one of us to help others in need. Support the falling, feed the hungry, warm the freezing, give a smile to those passing by - isn't this happiness? This is the time of passing warmth from one heart to another. Each bit of warmth, assists in melting the coldness of the surrounding world. It is a time of forgiving grievances, as well as making wishes. It is a time of creating new goals and plans in order to change life for the better. 

During those days, in houses around the world, decorated Christmas trees shimmer with bright lights. Children gather at the festive table to mark this great holiday season, and often check under the tree to see whether their letters to Santa have reached their destination. The holiday candles are lit, and, gathered around the festive table, people remember all the good things that occurred in the previous year. 

During this holiday season, I would like to wish all people that faith in miracles will never fail us, that peace will come on our planet, and the fire of kindness will not go out in the human heart. Let Santa put the three most important gifts under the tree: peace, health, and happiness. And, when luck knocks on the door for each of you, I wish that at that moment you will be home. 

Natanel Krieksfeld is a grade 10 student at St. Joseph High School.

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