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The Marian Centre

Where kindness is the bridge that connects hearts.

The Marian Centre. Paula E. Kirman

What is kindness? Each one of us, at least once in our lifetime, has needed help. And how thankful many of us were when facing difficult times, and someone stretched their helping hand towards us. We all live under the same skies, and each one of us is worthy of help, support, and compassion.

In Edmonton, there is a charitable organization called The Marian Centre, which is the name of the local branch of a charity that operates in many countries. The name the charity uses in places outside the city of Edmonton is The Madonna House. Charity is an important Christian virtue, and it is giving hope to those who have lost their hope. It is finding its path amongst people who do not remain indifferent to the pain and suffering of others.

The Marian Centre is located at 10528 98th Street, and is home for 12 people who decided to dedicate their lives to God and the service of humanity. The Marian Centre is currently under the leadership of director Hugo Isaza. Each of these people is ready without hesitation to come to the aid of those who are in a difficult life situation and cannot offer anything in return except a grateful smile. Many volunteers come to the Marian Centre daily to assist in giving the homeless items such as food, clothing, and various hygiene items. Volunteers cook meals for the homeless, they work in the clothing room, but, most importantly, they give the homeless hope and a sense that we are all in this together.

Each soul of a homeless person is an unread book, which not every person can understand. The people at the Marian Centre see the spark of God in every person and they understand that selfless help is giving not only support to the homeless, but also to be able to save lives. People with a big heart will never pass by someone else’s grief, because they will always treat someone else’s grief as their own. They can understand any person who has lost hope in their lives and give them the hope they so greatly need. Kindness is freeing a person’s understanding to accept and understand the people which life throws our way.

_Natanel Krieksfeld is a grade nine student at Genesis Online Catholic Junior High School. _

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