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This spring marks the 22nd year of the e4c McCauley Office being an official part of the McCauley community. There are some who recall the many people and projects that have been a part of the movement. There are others who weren’t around and yet they are our beloved neighbours. Both these types of residents and everybody in between are what make e4c proud to be a part of the fabric. With this pride comes the exploration of old things and new things, which, brings us all together.

HOTC Volunteer Coordination: It’s a return for e4c in playing a role in the Heart of the City Festival. This time though, we are happy to announce that e4c’s McCauley Office will be supporting the festival by taking on volunteer coordination duties and working on what we love most – connecting our neighbours, volunteers, and colleagues to great opportunities to make a difference! So, PLEASE be in touch with us if you have a desire to volunteer or activate volunteers into being a part of our community’s biggest and most accessible music/arts festival, the Heart of the City Music and Arts Festival, in Giovanni Caboto Park this coming June 2-3. Register online @

McCauley Clean Up Coordination: Once again, spring is here to melt away the dreary snow, and expose the new growth and life for the year – AND uncover the garbage, junk, debris, grime, and dirt of the past year. The ANNUAL MCCAULEY COMMUNITY CLEAN UP EVENT is on Saturday, June 9 at McCauley Apartments Building (9541 108A Avenue). Volunteers are needed (loaders/pickers/drivers/flyer canvassers) and once again, e4c McCauley Office (in McCauley Apartments) i s the headquarters. Please call and join your community in making our community a better place to be!

We look forward to connecting with caring folks who share a love for this community!

Get involved as a volunteer! Give us a call or email.

e4c McCauley Apartments Office (Suite B08, 9541 108A Ave)
(780) 424-2870

Taro is the Community Development Officer with E4C.

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