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Tony Hits the Street Again

Vietnamese sandwiches are a crunchy, delicious delight.

Chicken satay banh mi. Tony Forchetta

Nhon Hoa Sandwich Bar
9718 106 Avenue

It’s been a crazy few months and your ol’ buddy Tony is not sure what to think about the new way of things. Of course, me and Missus Tony have been holed up and eating well during this time. Why not? We made a lot of fresh pasta, bread, sausages and even bacon. But it’s taken a real toll on the waistline, and now with summer here (kinda) we gotta get that beach bod ready – if only we could actually go to the beach.

Oh well. I figured I would venture out and check out some of my old haunts and see who is still around and serving up some tasty treats. One of my faves has always been Nhon Hoa down the street in Chinatown. Their specialty? Bahn mi – or, as I like to say, “Bun? Me? Why Not?”

Now, I’ve gotten my fill of them tasty sandwiches from the Italian Centre Shop over the years, as well as a TON of meatball sandwiches courtesy of yours truly. But Nhon Hoa does something completely off the hook. These are Vietnamese subs and if you ain’t never had one, oh baby are you missing out.

You might ask, “Vietnamese subs? What gives, Tony?” Well, lemme throw you some history. It all started back when the French occupied Vietnam, leading up to the establishment of French Indochina in 1887. In addition to their architecture, the French introduced the baguette, which has become part of a tasty, crunchy, little roll called a bahn mi.

Nhon Hoa has perfected this sandwich by offering that crispy little roll full of almost any kind of filling you want, from shredded pork and chicken, to veggies and various cold cuts. The key is to have the tasty mayo and all the greens including the hot peppers. Crispy raw carrot, cucumber, cilantro, and sliced peppers, and whatever filling you like.

Me and Missus Tony like the satay chicken or the shredded pork and chicken. Tony likes some variety and can be a little adventurous, so I’ll mix it up and try something new sometimes. But I ain’t never had a bad sandwich, ever!

Make sure to take cash, ‘cuz they ain’t got no machine, but there is an ATM in the corner. And you don’t need much dough, ‘cuz a sandwich is under $10 and will leave you smiling. You can get a spring roll or one of them bubble drinks (Tony don’t like them bubbles much) or even a meatball. Hey, who knew? So do the right thing and check it out. If you’ve already been, get your bones down there and do it again. If we don’t look after these little gems, they just might not be there down the road.

Ciao for now, be well, look after each other, and, as always, Tutti Mangiare!

Tony lives in McCauley.

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