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Try a Little Kindness

“Don’t walk around the down and out/Lend a helping hand instead of doubt/and the kindness that you show every day/Will help someone along their way”- Glen Campbell April 22, 1936 – August 8, 2017 (Country music artist. The words are from the song “Try a Little Kindness.”)

Kindness can be the best pick-me-up ever and can be simple: a greeting, some assistance (like opening a door), or even a smile and a thank-you!

One act of kindness I personally witnessed was only a small thing, but to me it was big. I remember it to this day as it restored a lot of my faith in humanity.

I was at a chain grocery store. An elderly woman was getting her groceries checked out by the cashier. When it came to payment, she did not have sufficient funds on her card. Instead of making her feel awkward, the remarkable employee, in a gentle voice, just made suggestions like,“These peaches are pricy this time of year, maybe just take three” and other kind suggestions to fit her budget. I know from being employed in a grocery store years back, you can’t give things away.

Much to the chagrin of the other people in line who were verbally complaining, this employee took the time to not take away dignity, but rather to provide kindness!

Then came my turn at the till. She was polite, professional, and friendly. I realized I had just witnessed something great, an act of kindness! I quickly went home and contacted the head office to share the story and mentioned the employee should be recognized. They replied they do not often receive letters of praise, and they were delighted and promised to recognize the employee.

I still shop at the store. I no longer see that employee. She may have gotten employment elsewhere or moved, but I will never forget the feeling I felt, and how it empowered me to act in the same way: to be kind.

Kindness – spread that stuff around!

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