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Upholding Diversity for Cultural Equity

The Edmonton Intercultural Centre (EIC) is a community full of love, caring, and support. In this and future articles, we will inform readers of the non-profit organizations operating in the EIC facility in order to bring light to their many good deeds.

Ending Forever the Historically Devastating Impacts of the Child Welfare System

Creating Hope Society (CHS) describes who they are very clearly on their website: “a non-profit society established to recognize that the sixties and seventies child welfare scoop of Aboriginal children is a continuation of the Residential Schools era.” As such, CHS is “is carrying forward a healing process, commenced for Residential School survivors, to those who are products of a Child Welfare system that has perpetuated the legacy of the Residential Schools.” Through the many programs offered, CHS aims to build a just and humane society with the hope for a better future, full of support and healing for Indigenous Peoples. Their mission and vision support the values that EIC upholds.

Creating Hope Society has recently grown beyond the walls of the Edmonton Intercultural Centre. In this light, we would like to thank the Creating Hope Society for being part of the EIC family for eight meaningful years, May 2014 to May 2022. Through the years we have witnessed our humble beginnings, our crossroads, our growth, and our successes. EIC continues to support CHS in all of its future programming, activities, and events. For more information about this organization and their events, please visit their website at or drop into their new office at Unit 4, 10865 96th Street.

Ethnically Inclusive Early Learning and Childcare

Intercultural Child and Family Centre (ICFC) is committed to providing high-quality, culturally responsive early learning and care for children while supporting families, fostering community, and building the capacity of educators.

ICFC operates two early learning and care programs: one at the Edmonton Intercultural Centre, and another at the 1000 Women site at NorQuest College, with a total capacity of 128 children, aged 12 months to 12 years. This organization works to develop and demonstrate culturally responsive childcare. Most enrolled families fall into one or more of these categories: immigrant, refugee, Indigenous, single parent, student, low income, or LGBTQ2S+. To the extent that it is possible, educators are chosen who reflect the demographics of their families.

The ICFC centres are demonstration sites for NorQuest students, and they also host students and research projects from post-secondary and other organizations. You are welcome and invited to tour one or both of their sites. For further information and enrolment, please call (825) 777-6014.

Information provided by the Edmonton Intercultural Centre.

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