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Inner City Rec & Wellness: Virtual and Local Community Connections

Learn, View, and Share Local with CreArt Edmonton

Now might be the perfect time to learn how to play an instrument, or maybe watch local artists work their magic. Maybe you want to share a talent you have for art, writing, theatre, music, or anything in the arts. One local not-for-profit organization, CreArt Edmonton, has
dedicated the past few months to creating an accessible art and community space where people from the inner city of Edmonton, and all over the world, can gather to share their knowledge in a horizontal approach to education and community development.

CreArt is currently generating exciting new avenues to stay connected to local youth and residents during these challenging times. By launching CreArt Live Stream, they have reformatted their website to create a platform supporting the local Edmonton arts community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This ensures the continuity of the organization’s mission to use community and art as tools for larger social change. They are looking for new ways to promote, collaborate with, and support local artists and community developers as they work to connect with different communities.

If you are an artist or teacher, you can submit an online event to their page, under the Submit to Live Stream Here link. Please note that all live stream events be family-friendly and oriented to the development of art forms and community development. Events should also be inclusive and welcoming. As of the time of writing this update, this platform will live stream only from Facebook or Zoom room meetings. CreArt welcomes live shows to be broadcasted via Facebook; interactive workshops will be facilitated via Zoom Media.

CreArt Edmonton strongly believes in the power of the arts to produce positive social transformation in our society,, whether the community setting is face-to-face or screen-to-screen. Join in, stay connected, and keep gathering and growing on our shared journey, during the ebb and flow of these ever-changing times, as we use art as a pathway to positively transform ourselves and our society.

Other local organizations like Mile Zero Dance and Zocalo are also keeping busy with community work online, as well as pick-up and delivery, so check out their web pages to see how their services are accessible. This goes for your favourite local restaurants as well. You
 might find some here.

Farmers Markets, Nurseries, Greenhouses, and Fresh Routes

Did you know that farmers markets and greenhouses have been deemed essential? They are a long way from being food banks, but they fall under the umbrella of food! So, if fresh food is something that is fiscally available to you, you can continue to access farmers markets like the Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market.

Also, if you are looking for a way to purify and beautify your home— which, for many of us, has become our whole world right now—greenhouses and nurseries are open! Kuhlman’s Market Gardens and Greenland Garden Centre are larger greenhouses to visit. Slightly smaller but just as visit-worthy are greenhouses such as Visser or Herbal Roots Greenhouse, as well as Local Crafters east of the city.

Fresh Routes mobile grocery store has shifted its focus to door-to-door delivery of affordable produce for anyone in isolation. You can connect with this resource via their web page. A full basket of produce is $15.00 – details are in the link!

Don’t forget your local businesses and community-based organizations. Check out their sites for information on how they are adapting during these changing times!

Rebecca Kaiser and Mike Siek are Program Coordinators with ICRWP.

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