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Since 1979 • June-July 2023 • Circulation 5000

Volume 40, Number 4

This issue marks us being halfway through the 2019 publishing cycle. You may have noticed our previous issue was a little bigger than usual. It was a whopping 20 pages, thanks to all of the advertising. Ads are a major source of revenue for the paper – if you have a business or organization, please consider placing an ad.

Volunteers – the driving force of the paper – can be with us for a long time, and then decide to move on. Such is the case with Keri Breckenridge and Reinhardt Heinrichs, who have both been writing for the paper for a number of years. Keri was also a board member for a while. Their final columns appear in this issue, so we thank them for their contributions and wish them all the best.

At the same time, we have new features to enjoy. Nathan Binnema has been volunteering with the paper as a block carrier, board member, and now as a columnist. “Nathan’s Nature Notes” debuted in the previous issue of the paper.

If you would like to join our evolving list of contributors, please contact me at

Enjoy the start of summer, and see you in August!

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