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Walking in the Rain

I’m looking out my window at a hard early morning rain in July. The sky is very dark and gloomy. It’s too wet and chilly to go outside right now.

This isn’t the way I was going to start my day. I was going to go for a walk to hopefully enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. But that’s the thing about plans: they often don’t work out the way we intended.

However, I can view this unexpected shower as an opportunity. Sure, I can still go for a walk – I just have to dress for the weather and grab an umbrella. Some fresh air would be wonderful, and the smell of rain is exhilarating.

Or, I can continue to sit inside and stare out the window. The choice is mine.

I try to remind myself that rain is necessary. It provides moisture and helps things grow. Sure, it may come at inconvenient times, but I certainly don’t have any control over that. I do have control over how I react.

Life has a tendency to throw us unexpected twists and turns. Personal upheavals. Losing a job. Health issues. Even surprises that aren’t considered to be bad can throw us for a loop. An unexpected success can also be stressful.

But that’s one of the things about life: if you’re active and engaged with the world around you, things happen. Sometimes it means changing our perspective, dealing with a situation we’ve been neglecting, or simply going outside and getting wet.

Now, please excuse me. I have to go for a walk.

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