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What Should Be Done About the Husky?

Intended plans regarding Husky service station should be communicated to residents

Work being done at the site of the former Husky station on 108 Avenue and 97 Street.  Paula E. Kirman

The former Husky service station on 108 Avenue and 95 street has been vacant for a while, and is currently a gravel lot. McCauley resident Caroline Stuart is concerned about the future of this vacant parcel of land. As a result, in late September Stuart sent a letter to City Councillor Jane Batty, who represents our area, as well as Councillor Ben Henderson, who sits on the Brownfield commission. She encourages readers to copy her letter and send it on or to send them an original letter of your own. Councillor Batty can be reached at, and Councillor Henderson at

Dear Councillor Batty
Cc. Councillor Henderson

Re: Decommissioned Husky at 108A Avenue on 97 Street

I live a couple of doors down from the decommissioned Husky gas station at 108A Avenue and 97 Street and I would like you to know that I have interest and concerns in this empty lot.

I have contacted Husky to let them know that there is a neighbour who is watching what is happening and who has an interest in what might be done with the empty lot. Robert Roe, of Husky, suggested that I send a letter to councillors as he takes direction at that level.

My interest and concerns in the lot are around the problems we have in this neighbourhood with vacant lots. I am aware that not much might happen as Husky determines the environmental issues and I also know that the City has a Brownfield Redevelopment Grants that might be accessed to see some creative redevelopment in the lot.

Mr. Roe seemed to suggest that Husky might put a building on to the lot and offer it to a vendor and then my concerns would be around the appropriateness of that vendor (such as the inappropriateness of another liquor store or “adult massage” business) for a family-oriented street.

I would like to support the work you will be doing to work with Husky for the best interest of our neighbourhood.

Caroline Stuart

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