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Why We Need Hobbies

I often ask people about their hobbies when I am getting to know them. Most of them respond by telling me whatever it is they like to do in their spare time, but occasionally someone replies by saying that they do not have time for hobbies.

If someone is too busy to spend time doing something they enjoy, then they are too busy.

Many of my hobbies are closely related to what I do for work, namely writing and photography, but it is different when I am doing these activities for myself and am not “on the clock” so to speak. There are no deadlines or pressure to produce something for someone else.

I also enjoy music, both as a player and listener. I often find that if some time goes by and I have not been able to listen to any of my favourite music or play anything on my instruments, I start to feel stressed and anxious. Once I get one of my guitars into my hands and start playing and singing, I feel much better. I have heard of music therapy and honestly believe there is definitely something to it.

People who have interests tend to be interesting people. How we spend our free time can often reveal a lot about us to others, while at the same time helping us live a more well-rounded lifestyle.

Life is busy – we all know that. We need to make time in our schedules for ourselves (and our loved ones – sometimes activites like games are best shared with others). I am sure there are people who really enjoy what they do for a living to the point that it dominates everything else in their schedules, but I think the vast majority of us need a break to pursue our hobbies.

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