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Winter Mekiwin Arts & Crafts Market and Intercultural Gathering

December 8th and 9th at Boyle Street Plaza.

Join us on the weekend of December 8th & 9th (10 a.m.-5 p.m.) at Boyle Street Plaza for an Indigenous and Ethnocultural arts and crafts market with food, music, dance, family activities, prizes, and holiday cheer!

Our McCauley/Intercultural Dialogues is partnering with Mekiwin Indigenous Arts & Crafts Market for this special monthly gathering. Mekiwin Market features and promotes local Indigenous entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople. Local artists and craftspeople from newcomer and settler communities will also be joining the market for a diverse and worldly array of arts.

Come to the market at 11 a.m. and participate in an Identity BINGO game to win a prize and learn about each other’s different cultural backgrounds! Come by for a lunch of stew and bannock on sale, and then take in music performances and dance. The Edmonton Native Friendship Centre will also be hosting craft activities for the kids.

For an updated schedule of performances and activities, please visit (search for Winter Mekiwin Arts & Crafts Market & Intercultural Gathering) or

I’m also excited to share that the Our McCauley/Intercultural Dialogues Initiative has received funding from Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) for 2019. The Initiative’s working committee (representatives of Edmonton Indigenous and Newcomer organizations) is expanding the work beyond the McCauley borders to the surrounding area. We will continue to host and collaborate with the community in putting on monthly Intercultural Gatherings, and welcome your involvement in helping create inclusive spaces and build strong relationships across cultures!

What would you like to learn about, share, and experience through the 2019 monthly Intercultural Gatherings? Intercultural Gatherings are programmed according to participant involvement. Please share your ideas with me – email Sheryle Carlson at and I’m also happy to meet in person!

Looking forward to seeing you at the December Market and in the new year!

Sheryle is the Community Connector Programmer with Our McCauley.

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