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Yard Sale has Unexpected Results

In late July, I had a yard sale on a Saturday just after AHS said it was okay. We had a few tables spread out on the front lawn with various things on each one: kids’ stuff, kitchen things, a few coats hanging, some shelving and household things, and dishes/glassware and silverware sets. Everyone seemed happy to be able to get out of the house and visit.

A really lovely thing happened when a couple of women came along, who said they had been homeless and just found housing. The coats caught their eye. They tried them on and their faces lit up. As they whirled around in the coats, they seemed to feel really special. The happy look on their faces was payment enough for me. I gave them the coats, which they wore as they went on their way. It made my day, and I hope they enjoy the coats.

Joanne lives in McCauley.

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