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“You Look Good For Your Age”

Anthology features essay by Boyle McCauley News’ Editor

Cover of “You Look Good For Your Age” Supplied

Paula E. Kirman, editor of Boyle McCauley News, is one of the 29 contributors to a new anthology, You Look Good for Your Age (edited by Rona Altrows; published by the University of Alberta Press, 2021). As well, at the online book launch on May 27th, Paula was one of the writers selected to read from her works.

In the book, the writers (all of whom are women) share their distinct opinions, impressions, and speculations on aging and ageism and their own growth as people. Paula is one of the younger women included in the anthology. Yet, she says, because she is in her mid-40s, she finds she is what she describes as “caught in the middle” and being on “the dividing line.”

Paula’s essay, “Adult Tween,” is about feeling happy to be taken for younger than your age (“the joy of being ID’ed”), along with being called “Ma’am” for the first time, having your hair turn grey, and more. Here is a video of Paula reading from her essay.

You Look Good Your For Age is available at Audrey’s Books and Glass Bookshop.

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