A Christmas Love Story

For Christians, the season of Advent/Christmas marks an important chapter in a great love story. It is the part of the story where the Creator God, seeing the people he loves struggle in a world full of darkness, hardship, and pain, decides to come down in the flesh to show them His love; to shine warmth and light into the darkness and cold.

It is an event both mysterious and wonderful – that the God who spoke this vast universe into being, who calls each star by name, and directs the course of Galaxies would choose to become tiny and vulnerable and insignificant. A baby born to a poor family in a barn in a small town in a backwater province of the Roman Empire.

What does this event tell us about the Christian God? In this event, Christians meet a God who identifies with the poor and the vulnerable. And in the life of Jesus, we see how that compassion and love for the sinner and the outcast carried our God into companionship with those cast aside by the righteous and powerful.

So, at Christmas (and at all times of the year, if we truly want to follow Jesus’ example) Christians seek to do likewise. For us, this is a season of generosity and forgiveness; of warmth and welcome; of taking light into dark places; and, in sincere love, working to kindle hope in all of us who find ourselves vulnerable and powerless.

It is this love story that inspired Saint Nicholas all those years ago, and it is this same love story that drives followers of Jesus to do and be the same today.

Mike lives with his family in McCauley.

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