A Connected Community is a Safer Community

McCauley Safety Community Meeting on September 25, 7-9 p.m., Edmonton Intercultural Centre.

On August 22, a diverse group of stakeholders with a common interest in community safety met at the Edmonton Intercultural Centre for a McCauley Community Safety Meeting.

The group reassessed a list of priority concerns originally identified in February, including Safe Consumption Services, problem properties, empty storefronts, vacant lots, human trafficking, and litter. The meeting’s convener, REACH Edmonton, believes that the best solutions come from within the community. With a vision of monthly meetings and a greater focus on engaging stakeholders for ideas, the group will meet on September 25 to discuss the priority concerns and brainstorm community-driven solutions. Come and add your voice to the conversation.

These meetings have become a community-owned mechanism that is increasingly broad, inclusive, representative, and responsive. They bring together residents, businesses, service agencies, community groups, EPS, REACH, City and Provincial representatives, and invited resources. They are a means for engagement, sharing, learning, empowerment and, most importantly, connection.

There is a tangible feeling of connectedness in McCauley. We are blessed with a number of individuals and groups that have a collective impact on the vibrancy and well-being of our community. Take whatever time you can to get to know them. Stop by Zocalo to pick up your free Community League membership. Attend a meeting of the Community League Board or the Safety Council – they’re open to all. Take your kids to free Cartooning Lessons or Gardening Camp facilitated by McCauley Families. Participate in The Rack Clothing Exchange, a Garden Crawl, or any of the inclusive and accessible events supported by McCauley Revitalization. Get to know Chinatown through a Walking Tour or Dining Week, or Little Italy through one of Viva Italia District’s innovative events. Enjoy one of Our McCauley’s monthly Intercultural Gatherings. Get in touch with Abundant Communities about hosting a Block Party . . .

Because a connected community is a safer community.

McCauley Community Safety Meeting: Tuesday, September 25; 7-9 p.m., Edmonton Intercultural Centre
REACH McCauley Community Convener: mark.davis@reachedmonton.ca

Mark is the REACH McCauley Community Convener.

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