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A Content Christmas

The holidays are again almost upon us. We’re deep into Old Man Winter’s belly with snow and wind chasing us to warm hearths. The chill of the season keeps most of us house bound and is a good time of year for reflection and integration. I sometimes believe that the holidays were placed in this time of year to encourage these activities. The short days and cool temperatures are good reminders to slow down, both physically and mentally, and take a moment to be conscious of our lives.

Admittedly, the Christmas season can be hectic. There are parties to attend, baking to do, and cards to send. Who has time to ponder the deeper meaning of the season? I believe previous holiday articles have revealed my derision for the demanding pace of the season. That still holds true. However, it does not mean I hold disdain for all holiday activities. I just like the slow ones that require little physical effort and more sugar-imbibing. If I go slowly enough, I can more consciously hold the joy of visiting with friends, exchanging gifts, and eating sweets.

I just want to move slowly through the season. Summer flew by in the wink of an eye and it seems that I barely remember it. I want to remember this winter and these holidays. I want to remember how they smelled and looked and felt. I want to remember the laughter and happiness I shared this season.

It seems that there is always a reason to rush around and do something, because things have to get done or we’ll come undone. We, as a society, seem to have integrated the belief of being busy into our lifestyles, dismissing the benefits of being still and relaxed. The essence of the holidays is to relax and be gentle with ourselves and others. Be kind to yourselves this season and take the time to truly enjoy it. It’ll be gone before you know it.

Keri lives in Boyle Street at a comfortable pace.

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