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A Long Way to Go

Dear friends,

As I write this, spring is starting to peek around the corner, and I’m so looking forward to enjoying some warm weather soon. And with spring and warm weather comes a provincial election too!

As I wrap up my first term as your MLA, I wanted to use this space to say thank you for putting your faith in me to represent you and our communities for the last nearly four years. I’ve been so proud to use my role to stand up for our neighbours in Boyle Street and McCauley during this time, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so after the upcoming election.

It feels like the last four years have gone by quickly, but our communities have stayed strong and have continued to take care of one another. On my end, I think that what I’ve been proudest of has been my advocacy for our most vulnerable neighbours. This has included pressing the government on accessible and affordable housing, on harm reduction services, and on the need for strong public healthcare and education systems that leave no Albertans behind.

I know that we still have much work to do, and I am hopeful that my Alberta NDP colleagues and I will have the chance to put our advocacy into action and legislation for much-needed supports, like investments in permanent supportive housing, healthcare supports – including family health teams and free prescription contraception – and the wide range of social supports that our communities have been asking for over the past four years.

In short: I know that we have a long way to go toward building an equitable, kind, and supportive province for all Albertans, and I can’t wait to continue this work together with you. And, as always, I’m here to help, so if you need anything, would like to share your thoughts or feedback, or if you’d just like to say hello, please reach out to our constituency office!

Take good care of yourselves and each other.

Janis Irwin
MLA, Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood
Phone: 780-414-0682
Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood Constituency Office: 6519 112 Ave. NW

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