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A Not So Idyll Summer?

Joanne in her backyard. Viola Zimunya

Oh, wonderful summer! Time to relax on the patio, watch the birds, and marvel at how beautiful the flowers grow and bloom. I love all the trees I planted. To feel the warmth of the sun, spend time with my grandchildren, creating art projects, playing music, seeing wonderful sights, visiting family, travelling. What a time to look forward to—the idyll days of summer.

Then the reality sets in—Gosh—I‘ll just make a list of the things I HAVE to get done this summer, as there is not much time in Alberta when the weather is nice, and the weather often does not cooperate in spring or fall. Then I can relax and enjoy summer. So here’s the list I have made so far—and there are probably many more “chores” I have not thought of:

*Mow front and back lawns every week or more often as necessary.
*Water lawns and planters when necessary.
*Repair the front and back fence.
*Paint and Install a new screen door.
*Tie up raspberries; transplant runners coming up in the rhubarb.
*Weed and mulch flower beds (I didn’t get this done last year at all).
*Build new window and door frames—(some past owner used interior medium-density fibreboard!)
*Sort and organize garage, and sort boxes within.
*Prune shrubs and trees, front and back.
*Build a multi-purpose “fort” with my grandson and granddaughter.
*Build a new picket fence in front yard.
*Tile the bathroom floor and walls, paint outside of old fashioned tub.
*Fix house numbers to front corner of property.
*Install new support brackets for flower boxes on front of house.
*Build a porch on the front of the house.
*Build a deck at the back of the house.
*Submit to knee-replacement surgery and recovery—minimum six weeks.

Yikes!—this could take a while—like all summer! I had better get started. I had better prioritize—I do want to have some time to relax on the patio. Maybe after surgery. Yeah right—like when I will be struggling to walk. Okay—I can think positive—wave if you see me out in the yard hanging onto a walker!

_Joanne is a McCauley senior homeowner who is scheduled for surgery in early July. _

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