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A Spiritual Spring

An adventure in Vancouver leads to the pursuit of an Indigenous Studies certificate.

From left: Isaiah Brokenleg (M.Div student), Dr. Ray Aldred Director, and Sharon Pasula. Taken at Indigenous Studies Program 2017. Supplied

It all started in 2014 at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s national event in Edmonton. I was waiting for my scheduled time to share my intergenerational trauma story on video and noticed a brochure on one of the tables. Being curious, I picked it up. Wow. It was a brochure for Native Ministries Consortium in Vancouver in July. I had never heard of it. This was like gold – no, platinum – to me. A place where Indigenous scholars teach Indigenous people, on the beautiful UBC campus in July – the best time to be in Vancouver.

So I took the brochure believing this was a message from Creator. I researched it online and almost couldn’t believe my blessing to see that Dr. Martin Brokenleg was teaching a course about Forgiveness. I made the appropriate arrangements and drove to Vancouver. That week on the west coast was like heaven on earth. I met awesome people, one of whom has become a very good friend and prayer partner. I’ve been going every year since. So spring for me is the time to get ready for an awesome living and spiritual experience in Vancouver at the renamed Indigenous Studies Program Summer School. Oh, by the way, I decided I might as well work towards an Indigenous Studies certificate, which I will finish up this summer. Looking forward to spring, I am!

Sharon Pasula is an Indigenous spiritual and cultural resource person who lives in Boyle Street.

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