Editor’s Notes

April 2016

In this issue, several of our contributors explore what relationships mean to them. I find it interesting that our writers tended to focus on family and friends rather than romance – obviously not the be-all, end-all of human interactions.

We’re still calling upon area businesses and organizations to consider advertising with us. We want to remain sustainable in the long term, while being able to plan ways in which we can grow to better serve the community – which is our most important relationship. In fact, we are still looking for people who can help out with ad sales – the job description and other relevant information is on page three.

Another way you can help the paper is by volunteering with us. We are always in need of writers and photographers, and also have one route available in the McCauley area for a block carrier. Contact me at editor@bmcnews.org for more information.

Our relationship with our volunteers is very important to us. As always, we need to take time to thank those who write, photograph, proofread, deliver, serve on the board, work our casinos, and help us in other ways on a regular basis. We could not do what we do without your support.

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We are always looking for new writers and photographers, as well as ideas for future stories. We also regularly need block carriers to help with the delivery and distribution of the paper. Email Paula with your submissions, feedback, ideas, and availability. We also ask that contributors read our Editorial Guidelines and that all volunteers read and agree to our Code of Conduct.

Next Issue . . .

Our next issue is October. Articles and photos concerning community news, events, and opinions are welcome. We also encourage submissions of poetry, and cartoons (in JPG or PDF format). Deadline: September 12. Send submissions to: editor@bmcnews.org. Articles should be 400 words or less and accompanied by photographs (JPG, in high resolution) when possible.