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Arrange a Donation Drive

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Unknown

After summer, autumn sets in. It is one of my favourite seasons, with the colours, the shorter nights, the cooling breeze.

Some students will return back to school in a hopefully safe manner. Others will continue to adapt to routines that keep them safe and sound. The COVID-19 precautions put forward by health authorities should still be followed. If we all listen to experts and follow their advice, we can likely have a better outcome.

With a bit more time on some of our hands, let’s do something unique like arrange a donation drive. Recently in my building we did an eco-donation drive, to send items we no longer needed off to be recycled.

Members of our co-op were asked to bring items to one of our board rooms. The outpouring was incredible! The arrangement was done by our co-op president. Another board member found and supervised the pick-up through It was done safely and quickly.

You could also arrange a community donation of clothing, books, and other materials you no longer use. Let’s do “autumn cleaning” and “spring cleaning!”

Stay safe, and stay well.

Ian is a columnist with the paper. He lives in the area.

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