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“The Spirit of Self- Help is the root of all genuine growth in the individual.”-Samuel Smiles (Scottish author)

Before you can overcome a barrier in life, you must first understand it. All of us are different – that is what makes us individuals, and we have different reactions to different situations.

I am a big advocate for self-understanding and believe you are the one who knows yourself best. At times, a psychologist can be the first step to guiding you into a self-help regime. Everyone has setbacks and traumas in life, and deal with them in their own way. Some people may be very strong, while others can be very negatively affected. Being upset and discouraged is not a sign of weakness – it is a personal emotion.

I have read many books on attitudes concerning overcoming trauma and setbacks. I use them as a guide and take tips to work into my life. Also, never be ashamed asking for help. A relative, a neighbour, a friend – someone you trust can put you in the right direction. My eldest sister was a huge support.

Thankfully, our support systems are training more people to be in the field, but never feel ashamed asking for help!

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