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Being a Good Neighbour

How do you define a good neighbour? In my experience, we help each other and are considerate of the needs of others, while communicating our own needs as well. I have a neighbour who calls me weekly to take her to the bank or to the store, and we arrange a time that works for both of us. It is fun, and we have become good friends.

People can be good neighbours by being mindful of each other’s vehicles, as well as being flexible and sharing the right-of-way. Access to our houses is often done from our driveways, or wherever we park our cars. Most people have garages in the back of their lot, but a few of us have access only from a side alley. Either way, when we are backing out of our driveways, we have to watch out for cars coming along the alleyways. It’s a matter of common courtesy to avoid a collision, which nobody wants.

Sometimes we have to take the long way around a block if there is no way to pass, and that’s okay. Nobody has the right to access narrow alleyways without considering the needs of other drivers and residents. Give and take is a courteous way to get along with neighbours.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year of sharing our narrow alleys and streets. Happy 2020!

Joanne lives in McCauley.

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