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Building an Intercultural Community of Support

The Multicultural Family Resource Society (MFRS) is proud to be a part of McCauley, with our office located in the Edmonton Intercultural Centre. Our programs span the city, helping families make connections and build community in their new home of Edmonton.

MFRS is committed to improving the well-being of immigrant and refugee children, youth, and families. We believe in family-driven and participatory programming; equitable access to opportunities, programs, and resources for immigrant and refugee families; and ongoing reflection and evaluation to ensure our programs are building participants’ full potential to be a part of our community.

Here is how our staff describe our work:

Our programs provide a place for participants to belong, to voice their concerns and share hopes and dreams. It is a place where they can feel safe and connected when they have no or limited English language skills and have cultural barriers to overcome. They can get information and resources, learn new knowledge and skills, and share their experiences and challenges with others who are supportive and will seek solutions together.

In 2018, our Emergency Support Fund provided $21,571.42 in support to 23 families working through crises that put their housing security at risk. This covered costs such as rent, groceries, and medication. Our Family Support Office served 248 families and 1488 individuals through the programs it offers. Our parenting program served 2950 individuals. Now we’re up to a lot of new things, including a new Coaching, Advisory, and Research social enterprise.

Want to learn more? We invite you to join us at our Annual General Meeting on Monday, May 6 at 3:30 p.m. It will take place at the Edmonton Intercultural Centre, 9538 – 107 Avenue. All are welcome to attend. We would love to meet some more of our neighbours in McCauley.

Later this year, we will have more events to invite you to, and we encourage you to check our website – – and community listings for more information later this year.

Please stay in touch with us, and we hope to see you May 6 and later this year.

Information submitted by the MFRS.

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