Remembering Barbara B. Kirman

A mother and a proofreader.

  • Barbara B. Kirman File Photo

On March 15, Barbara B. Kirman passed away following a lengthy series of health problems. She was not only my mother – she was also a long-term volunteer with Boyle McCauley News as the paper’s proofreader since 2007.

My mother read every issue of the paper. She also used to point out all of the mistakes she would find. One day, I handed her the final proof of the paper and a red pen, and asked if she could find the issue’s mistakes before it was too late to do anything about them.

That was the beginning of a volunteer commitment that lasted over a decade. Our designer, Vikki Wiercinski, and I would always refer to that final proof my mom would correct as the “Motherproof.” My mother looked forward to proofing every issue, finding the time and strength even when her health was declining. She only took leaves of absence when she was in the hospital.

Although her role was very much in the background, my mother made a lasting impact on every issue of the paper she proofed. My mother also demonstrated how a person can make an important contribution as a volunteer in a community, despite being housebound much of the time.

She had been looking forward to attending the paper’s 40th Anniversary Gala on March 9, and finally meeting many of the paper’s other volunteers, but her health situation made that impossible.

Barbara’s memory will live on in the archive of Boyle McCauley News, and in my heart. While I am forever grateful for her contribution to the paper, I will miss my mother most as my mother. Her influence, support, and encouragement helped shape me into who I am today. Thank you, Mom, for everything.

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