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Calling All Boyle Street Neighbours

Transience is one of the words that best describes Boyle Street. While the term often evokes images of struggle and instability, the constant movement of projects and people are part of what makes this neighbourhood an interesting place to live, and an exciting place to be a volunteer.

Needless to say, the rapid rate of change keeps us, as Boyle Street community organizers, on our toes. Because our area’s population is on the move, there are peaks and dips in our volunteer base.

In the near future, we will be seeking volunteers for our board of directors. Board members commit to regular participation in our monthly meetings and are willing to chip in on ad hoc leadership tasks. In addition to formal leadership roles, we have volunteer opportunities in the areas of administration, programming, and communications.

We are looking for people who
  • Live in Boyle Street. If you are east of 97 Street, west of 84 Street, south of the LRT tracks, and north of the river bank, that’s you!
  • Take pride in calling Boyle Street home, and are passionate about seeing the neighbourhood thrive.
  • Have with a creative vision for Boyle Street – present and future.
  • Are committed to Truth and Reconciliation, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Will advocate for the interests of all neighbours: renters, homeowners, and people in-between addresses who call Boyle Street home.

Our mission as a community league is to strengthen community ties in Boyle Street through civic advocacy and grassroots initiatives that serve to unite our diverse neighbourhood behind a distinct and positive community identity. If you can get behind that, connect via our website: Any questions? Send us a note at

Join our movement.

Joelle Reiniger is Vice President of the Boyle Street Community League.

Get Social:
  • Sign up for Next Door, a neighbourhood networking app to stay in touch with your neighbours and the local issues Boyle Street residents are talking about.
  • Follow the Boyle Street Community League Facebook page for updates on community news and events. Keep an eye out for details on upcoming neighbourhood meet and greets at our favourite places.

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