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Celebrate Winter

“Let me hear your 50 words for snow.”- Kate Bush (singer/songwriter)

Winter to me is more a feeling than a season. It’s a memory. While we may disdain the biting temperature, we are fortunate to have change in the seasons.

They say “Paris is lovely in the Spring.” Any season can be beautiful in how you see it. Yes, the days are shorter, and it may seem taxing to travel from point A to point B, but we have to appreciate what each season brings. More celebrations and events occur in winter, from gatherings of the family during the holidays to ringing in the New Year.

Edmonton is a winter city. Rather than dread it, embrace it. A nice warm stew or soup always tastes better in the winter after a day of skating at one of our many outdoor rinks or even of taking a view of festive decorations in the neighbourhood.

I don’t stay dormant in winter. I stay active and participate in events that only a winter season can bring. Ice on Whyte is great, and if you have never seen the snow carving creations, they are breathtaking! It happens from January 21 to 24 and 28 to 31, 2016! For more information:

So, let’s celebrate winter!

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