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Common Ground in McCauley

Winter Light Festival event features culture, food, and fun

Giovanni Caboto Park lit up during Common Ground. Paula E. Kirman

Common Ground came to Giovanni Caboto Park on February 4 and 5. Part of the Winter Light festival, the park was transformed into a wonderland of lights and sounds.

The Friday evening featured performances from several of the cultures represented in the area: Chinese, Aboriginal, African, and Italian.

On Saturday, families filled the park for the entire day. Children had fun sledding down the huge windrows created from clearing the deep snow enough for people to walk comfortably around the park. Many of the performances went inside the tents and teepees on the second day due to cold temperatures. Performances included African drumming and Aboriginal dancing.

When the evening darkness arrived, the park glowed with colours from light displays and lanterns created by local artist Dylan Toymaker and his crew. People could keep warm by standing near one of the several decorative fire pits.

Common Ground ended with a community feast featuring food from the different ethnic groups. The smells coming from the food tent were incredible, and there was a long lineup of people from all walks of life eager to enjoy the free feast.

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