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Community Connections

Back in September I began filming a series of short videos to share on social media. The videos feature a variety of local residents, business owners, and other stakeholders talking about the importance of Boyle McCauley News and why people should support the community newspaper in the quest to be sustainable and keep publishing.

One statement that kept coming up over and over again was how the paper is a connector. It connects people with places, events, and each other. Through its coverage, Boyle McCauley News promotes local businesses and performance venues. We promote local events, many of which are not covered elsewhere. We also feature notable people doing incredible things.

But we also provide a connection to the community for many people who lack internet access or computer skills. For some, Boyle McCauley News is the only way they find out about what is happening in their own neighbourhood. This is why we are committed to continuing to publish print editions, even as more and more publications are going completely online. We put a lot of time and effort into our website and social media as well, but our focus as a grassroots community newspaper means that we want to continue to reach the demographics that other media may be neglecting.

The paper also connects people in the community through volunteering. We’re always looking for writers and photographers, Block Carriers (in McCauley) and Apartment Ambassadors/Condo Connectors (in Boyle Street). Interested? Contact me any time at

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