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Connections, Part Two

In our previous issue I discussed how Boyle McCauley News connects the community in several ways:

  • We cover events and news not featured in other media.
  • The paper is the only way some people in the area find out about what is happening.
  • Volunteering with the paper connects people with their community.

When I reflect further, I realize that Boyle McCauley News is more than a community newspaper. It is a print and electronic communications platform with a large reach. It is a brand that people have come to know and trust. As a result, the paper is a resource to connect community members with information and assistance.

A recent example is a report of a lost pet. I posted the information on our social media, and the missing pet was located shortly thereafter. We were also recently contacted by senior residents in the area who needed help with snow removal. After posting the information online, a community member stepped up within the hour to help.

Sometimes I get a call from someone needing information about a community service. It may be something they heard about through an article or ad in the paper. Or, they just didn’t know who else to call. It always feels great to help someone out with something as simple as giving them the phone number for the organization they are trying to access.

Boyle McCauley News does a lot for the community above and beyond publishing a paper. We hope to keep on going for years to come.

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