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December 2012/January 2013

Welcome to our annual December/January Holidays issue! By the time this paper hits the streets, we will have held our AGM. We will have a few changes to our Board and Editorial Committee. Due to our printing schedule, we will have a full report about that in our February issue. Be sure to check out our website and Facebook/Twitter to learn about all of the up to date information.

We have quite a bit of holiday-themed content in this issue of course. We also have news about some of the goings-on in the area, as well as some feedback concerning a controversial article that appeared in last issue. I definitely want to encourage feedback, whether it is positive or negative, about anything published in the paper. It’s always great to connect with our readers, and we appreciate constructive criticism.

You can contact me anytime at Don’t forget to visit our website at and connect with us on Twitter (@bmcnews) and Facebook (

Happy Holidays – see you again in February!

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