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E4C Celebrates 20 Years of McCauley Apartments

Event host David Prodan (left) and Master of Ceremonies Leif Gregersen Twyla McGann

E4C celebrated 20 years at McCauley Apartments on March 10 at Sacred Heart Church.

The first part of the evening was a dinner where tenants were recognized for their achievements and community partners were honoured. A few Lifetime Achievement Awards were also handed out (see the list below). A number of the people in attendance were current and former E4C employees, and tenants were thrilled to meet up with their former workers. The presentations were followed by a coffee house, featuring entertainment, which was open to the whole community.

McCauley Apartments provides affordable housing for people with mental illness. The residents take an active role in the community in many different things such as the annual McCauley Clean Up and Boyle McCauley News.

Barry Daniels – For being the only one who knew how to put up our tent at the McCauley Clean Up.
Bill Camirand – Driver for the McCauley Clean Up
Christopher Leclair – Photographer, Writer, Wecan Food Basket, Tenants Association.
Darren Pielak Sr. – Leadership at the apts., sits on the MCL + Tenants Association.
David Littlefeather – Volunteer with many local festivals.
George Sarantis – Poetic support at creative writing programs.
Gord Hayne – Organizing special events.
Jo Neville & Roxanne Bampton – Advisors on programming at Prosper Place + Tenants Association.
Maria Buko – Helping other tenants with translating.
Marie Canepotatoe – Green thumb in the apartment’s garden.
Selma Sawchuk – Planting flowers around the apartments.
Shari Mati – Ongoing janitorial supports.
Wesley May – Photography with Boyle McCauley News.

Capital Region Housing – In recognition of its ongoing efforts to provide safe, affordable housing, and positive service to its tenants and community partners.
Boyle McCauley News – In recognition of its quality local free press, its dedication to positive community coverage, and its commitment to citizen involvement.
McCauley Community League – In recognition of its ongoing support and involvement in building community, making room for all voices to be heard and all lives to be celebrated in McCauley.
Inner City Rec & Wellness – In recognition of its inclusive and innovative approach to programming for inner city residents.
The Mustard Seed Church – In recognition of its compassionate service to inner city residents, its resurrection of the McCauley Community Garden, and its work to improve food security for citizens from all walks of life. ​

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Steven Johnson – In recognition of his many years teaching guitar to community members, and for his unique and incomparable contributions to the McCauley music scene.
Father James Holland – In recognition of his many years of devoted service to Edmonton’s inner city residents, his commitment to working with local First Nations peoples, and his tremendous compassion for all those who are vulnerable and healing in the community.
Sundari Devam – In recognition of her innovative work to house vulnerable citizens in Edmonton, her deeply caring and compassionate service to community members, and her ongoing mentorship and support of E4C staff and community partners.

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