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Eat Well on a Budget

A new booklet, designed to teach people how to develop and live within a budget and still eat three healthy meals a day, is now available. It is geared towards lower income levels but the techniques and tips apply to everyone.

Written by a former McCauley resident who writes under the name Andy B., the booklet is entitled “How to Eat Well and Live Comfortably Even When You’re Broke!” It covers such topics as making a budget, pre-planning meal menus for each pay period, and developing a shopping list from that menu. It also includes tips on how to cut costs and save money in every way, as well as shopping and cooking advice.

Andy has worked with community service agencies and food banks as a front line volunteer for over 25 years, owned her own business, raised two children as a single mother, and been on government assistance at times. She has also worked in restaurant and catering businesses, and hopes that her suggestions will help people learn how to manage their money and save enough on basic needs to still eat three nutritious meals a day, every day, regardless of their income level, in an effort to stress less and enjoy life more.

The booklet is free and being distributed through Boyle Street Community Services, The Elizabeth Fry Society, various agencies in the the Abbotsfield and Inglewood areas, and will be available at numerous other locations shortly. She has also been invited to give free workshops at a variety of agencies explaining her book, and is in the process of setting up free cooking classes and developing a free cookbook.

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