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Euro Taste Bar and Grill

The juicy and lean beef kebabs. Paula E. Kirman

Euro Taste Bar & Grill
10803-95 Street
(780) 761-2272

This is a new restaurant that operates in premises occupied before by a sports bar.

My companion and I visited on Saturday March 5, and found that the place had already established itself in the district: two groups of twenty were booked, and the back room was allocated to them. We sat in the front room bar area, and some of the tables were a good size for two to have a meal.

The restaurant is Serbian, and offers traditional Balkan dishes. The place was neat and clean, and the back room tables had flowers. The two servers who attended to us were cheerful and well dressed.

We ordered one meal of Raznici (kebabs) and one of Grilled Chicken Thighs, these coming with potatoes and roasted vegetables. The menu features specials, varying from day to day, such as stew or sausages or stuffed bell peppers, each priced at $9.99. Other entrees, at prices from $9.99 to $16.99, include steak and a traditional Balkan dish, Cevapi – grilled minced beef with onions and flatbread.

The choices also include several starters and salads, and a small range of desserts. The bar is small, with a limited range of bottled beers and wine. The soups, with noodles or dumplings, are a proud specialty, and ingredients come from local farmers.

The soups, with noodles or dumplings, have ingredients that come from local farmers.

The dishes we had chosen came on square plates, and were pleasant to the eye, with red peppers, new potatoes, and zucchini along with the beef and chicken, some of it with char marks from the grill. Cutlery came wrapped in paper napkins.

The chicken was very nicely cooked, and had good flavour along with the right moisture. The beef was all lean and pleasantly marinated. These were good, satisfying meals, cooked just right. Crusty rolls were included.

Overall, this restaurant is very much worth a visit. It offers good dinners at a reasonable price, and the service is friendly. The washrooms are also acceptably clean.

People should also note that Euro Taste caters for groups, and offers a range of platters and combinations of rotisserie meats in addition to the regular menu.

Richard is a freelance writer in McCauley.

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