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Favourite Things

“I simply remember my favourite things/And then I don’t feel so bad”- Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein (Sung by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music_.)_

I have several favourite things, like activities, places, books, and movies. They can be difficult to pinpoint as they vary and change often. When a new book comes out, a new song is released, a new movie premieres, or a new eatery opens, my mind can change quickly.

With the variety of eateries that open in our community, a new one can quickly be touted as a “favourite,” but then be replaced by another one opening!

I tend to be a creature of habit and stick to the familiar, but often opt to try something new!

My very eclectic friends expose me to different cuisines, books, and music. I guess I could say my favourite things are experimenting, researching, and exploring. But, I also love writing, sharing, advocating, and travelling.

In my past, I have had many occupations. It is difficult to narrow down which one was the best, but I can say I enjoy interacting with people. That is one reason I love this city and community: the culture, the diversity, the excitement. So, if I had to pick a “favourite” thing, I will just narrow it down to living a complete life to its best, not harming anyone, but helping!

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