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Gardeners: Want to Learn More About Pruning?

Pruning tools. Joanne McNeal

Pruning Workshop
Saturday Sept. 17, 10-11 a.m.

Pruning – what is that? Pruning is the shaping of plants through cutting them back. Hedges are a good example. You can keep them low or let them grow high, and some shrubs can be trimmed to look like sculptures! Most plants need some pruning, especially if they have flowers that bloom just once. Timing is important , and lilacs are a good example. Flowering plants like lilacs should be cut back right after blooming, as the new growth is what blooms the next year. Flowering shrubs also need the flowering part removed after the flowers fade, such as lilies and roses. Pruning seems to stimulate new growth, so its good for plants, and it prepares them for the winter cold and the next season’s growth. Trees and shrubs need pruning at least once each year. You can prune for shape, or to keep trees from getting too tall and into the wires, or to keep them from taking over your yard. Some shrubs and trees grow fast, while others grow quite slowly. Of course, growing speed depends on fertilizer and water too.

Would you like to learn some simple and easy pruning techniques? You can quickly learn to make basic cuts on each branch, to give a tree or shrub the shape you want it to have. Dr. Joanne McNeal is offering to share some of the pruning techniques she has learned over the years on Saturday morning, September 17, from 10 to 11 a.m., in her own yard in McCauley. Joanne has taken several hands-on pruning workshops, and uses these techniques on her own trees and shrubs. Bring a pair of pruning shears or a pruning saw as pictured, and you can practice on her plants. Call or e-mail Joanne if you are interested in participating in this FREE workshop: (780) 641-5415, or e-mail

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