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February 2016

Happy new year! Welcome to the February 2016 issue of Boyle McCauley News. Our theme is “humour,” and several of our writers are discussing why humour is important in life, as well as funny situations in which they have found themselves. We also have a number of articles and photos from recent community events, letters, and our usual array of columns. As always, if you have something to contribute or an idea, you can send it to me at

We’re also hiring a couple of ad sales reps – check out the notice on page three for more information. This is a great way to earn some extra cash while helping the paper increase its revenue from ad sales – something we need to do in these increasingly tight times.

A new project on which I am working is a short film concerning housing and homelessness issues in McCauley. It is intended to communicate, in a gentle way, that the whole city needs to take on housing for those with fewer resources, rather than just one area of the city. The project is being supported by a grant from McCauley Revitalization/City of Edmonton and is being administrated by the paper. For more information, as well as exclusive clips and photos, visit

Enjoy the issue! See you next month!

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