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From Boyle Street to Wyoming

Occasionally I encounter a situation in my role as Editor that reminds me of the small world in which we live – and, thanks to modern technology, how a small publication can impact lives far distances away.

In early February, I was emailed by a woman in Wyoming researching her aunt: Anne Boyea. An internet search led her to the paper’s website. Anne Boyea was mentioned in the December 1979 issue – from our first year of publication, and of which we only have one physical copy. Her first name was misspelled as “Ann,” and she was thanked for a financial contribution to the paper.

Then, this niece sent me a copy of an article credited to Boyle McCauley News, December 1979. However, it was not in the copy of the issue on our website. At this moment I realized we did not have a complete copy. Through this article, I learned that Anne Boyea was born in a tent city in the 92nd-93rd Street area. Her family were recent immigrants from Yorkshire, England, who could not find proper housing. She lived in or near the area her entire life. In her later years, she lived in Pioneer Place in Boyle Street – and where we still drop off papers.

Later in February, I received a phone call from the sister-in-law of Boyea’s Wyoming niece. She had a full copy of the December 1979 edition and wanted to donate it to us. I gladly met with her to accept the paper and chat about her family. Sure enough, the feature article about Anne Boyea was on one of the missing pages. We digitized the issue and it is now in our online archive at our website. I hope this experience demonstrates the importance of hyperlocal media extends beyond a neighbourhood’s borders.

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