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From Point A to Point B

It is a widely-known fact that, although I do have a driver’s license, I do not own a car. Never have. Maybe never will. So, how do I manage?

Well, in a variety of ways. I walk a lot. I take public transportation. I use cabs when I have to. I carpool with others.

My absolute favourite way to get from point A to point B, so to speak, is via bicycle. I always feel energized after a bike ride, and if I can get to meetings or take care of errands at the same time, then cycling is excellent time management as well. I’m not brave enough to cycle year-round like many people I know, so I am extra grateful for the snow-free months when I feel a little more secure on two wheels.

Although I use it often, public transportation is my least favourite way to get around, for the same reasons as other bus and LRT riders I know. These include long waits for buses that are late and rising costs without rising service.

I am especially frustrated with the changes to the bus routes that used to be along 102 Avenue in anticipation of the LRT. Where I used to have a choice between two or three buses at one stop, I now have to make a decision and trek to one of two or three different bus stops and hope the bus actually shows up within a reasonable amount of time.

On the positive side, taking the bus means I still end up getting a lot of exercise by walking, as well as fresh air.

Still, I wish increasing fares would result in increased service. The main reason why people tell me they hate taking the bus is because it is not convenient. Our transportation choices need to fit our lifestyles and our budgets.

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