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Gift Giving Suggestions

A question surfaces year after year, regardless of what winter holiday one celebrates: what to get everyone for gifts.

Many people are on tight budgets these days, so extravagent, expensive gifts may be out of the question. This is where giving something made by hand is an idea, if one is inclined towards crafts.

If making gifts is not your thing and you have a little bit of cash to play around with, getting gifts at craft shows like Make It Edmonton and the Royal Bison (which is organized by our very own Vikki) is a great way to find unique gifts while supporting local artists.
Clutter is another factor to consider when contemplating gifts – both your own and the recipient’s. Help clear your clutter by giving someone something of worth that you no longer need, like books you will never read again or CDs you’ve ripped into MP3s to listen to on your portable device.

Consumable gifts are also a great idea: gift baskets of goodies or boxes of chocolate are enjoyed, and then no longer take up space. Gift cards are small, never expire, and allow the recipient to get something they really want or need. One complaint I have heard about the gift card is that it is an impersonal gift, but I disagree if it is for a place where the person tends to shop often or is for something the person enjoys, like movies or music downloads.

In any case, shopping local is always a good idea, and the area has many choices like Zocalo and The Italian Centre in particular. However you decide to tackle your gift list this year, remember the best gift is spending time with friends and family.

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