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Good News and Other News

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” Ani DiFranco (Grammy Award winning singer, guitarist, and songwriter, and widely celebrated as a feminist icon)

We sure know about the challenges of differences in McCauley, but too often we don’t celebrate the strength in those differences and find comfort in places where we connect.

There are several good news opportunities and some things to be wary of on the horizon. First the good news.

The Wild Heart Collective is organizing a Meet Me in McCauley Market event on two Saturdays: June 4 and July 9 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 96 Street will be blocked from 108 – 107A Avenue and there will be free family activities, a bouncy castle, food trucks, fresh food market, local sellers, and organizations will set up tables. This is a great partnership between the Collective, McCauley Revitalization, the MCL, and participating vendors.

A League board member attended the recent Alberta Avenue League AGM and brought back some great ideas about how we can help people get to know their neighbours better. For example, the League put together a Block Party Kit that residents borrow to hold a street party on their block. The MCL in looking into putting together a similar kit to support block parties in McCauley that would include tables and chairs, wild decorations, fun games, etc.

Residents concerned about safety are encouraged to join their neighbours in a Safety Walkabout on Wednesday, June 29. Consult the MCL website ( or Facebook page for more information. And, the Abundant Communities project is just about to take off. Volunteer block connectors throughout McCauley will soon be connecting with their neighbours about ways people can work together to improve our community.

The League is also working with residents and other groups to prevent problems. The League is opposing plans to locate a pharmacy at 10631-96 Street, opposite the Boyle McCauley Health Centre. This is part of a bigger proposal to allow businesses to operate on 96 Street. We’re very concerned about the increased traffic, the lack of parking, and the potential loss of housing, among other issues.

While the City of Edmonton says it has no interest in repurposing the former Remand Centre, the Province, which owns the facility, is interested in selling the property. The Province recently agreed to the League’s request to participate in future talks about the site. Finally, the League contacted supporters of a safe injection site, which may be located at the Boyle McCauley Health Centre, to talk about the project with McCauley residents during the early planning stages.

Happy planting, everyone!

Phil is President of the McCauley Community League.

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