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Happiness in Success

How many of you are following the Happiness Project? I’ll keep at it a little longer in the hopes of being able to offer up even one tip to improve the life of even one person.

This issue’s component towards leading a happier life is success. That’s pretty obvious, yes? I don’t necessarily mean only financial success. It could be making valuable contributions to society, expressing oneself through art, or having your own business.

So, if most of us would choose success if possible, why do we not all achieve it? The first reason is that many of us are afraid to dream of what our success would look like. The clearer and more detailed your picture of yourself as a successful person, the more likely you are to achieve it. Yet sometimes it is scary to strive for something if we have no idea how to get there. The subconscious mind is a very powerful instrument, more powerful than the biggest computer. You just have to know how to program it. When you have your picture of your ideal life, review it often for a week or so and then let it retire to the back of your mind, where it will take root.

We all have moments when we feel overwhelmed and upset. These emotions carry a great deal of power. Many people strike out in anger or feel helpless when faced with a situation that seems out of their control. In that moment, make a promise to yourself about what success you will have. This will lift you up and it will program your brain to work towards success. As an example, when I left my ex with nothing in my bank account I swore to myself that I would have a new place bought and paid for within five years. I cheerfully worked 15-18 hours a day, seven days a week for four and a half years until I achieved my goal. As soon as I did, the program in my head said it was time to rest. Today, I can barely put in a couple of hours a day before I become tired.

Another part of the road to success is to behave in a way that lets you feel worthy of good things. People who steal and lie know they don’t deserve happiness and will subconsciously sabotage themselves. We have all met people who seem to have incredibly bad luck, usually of their own making. So treat others as you would like to be treated. Program your brain and watch your subconscious map out a route to achieving what you strive for. Start with that picture of your best life and see where you go from there.

Manon is a resident of Boyle Street and an active volunteer in the community. This column contains her own opinions, and is not affiliated with the Boyle Street Community League.

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