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History Is a Present

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

We learn from history: the good and bad, what works, what withstands time. We learn empathy, direction, and substance. History can provide one of the best lessons. You can see how structures have withstood the decades, and how societies formed and got better. Sometimes we can learn from our mistakes.

History is a course, an occupation, a hobby, and History is now a television channel!

As we progress and technology goes forward, history was our founder, and history can be beautiful. It can be a euphoric escape of imagination, and an inspiration for writing.

I am constantly in awe of “Church Street” (96 Street here in McCauley). There is even a society, the Friends of Church Street ( that is dedicated to the preservation and significance of these beautiful buildings, right in our backyard – another reason to be proud of our heritage and history.

I have walked down this beautiful street and imagined the countless others that have done the same in times’ past!

Historic monuments are huge attractions in cities worldwide. Even Fort Edmonton and the Hotel MacDonald can take us back in time for a bit. History is a tale – that is why “story” is in its name – and today is a great gift. That is why it is called “the present.”

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