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Home is Where There is Hope

When the theme of “home” was brought forward, I began to do a mental exercise. I played a game where I had to complete the sentence “Home is…”. I came up with a list – yippee! Okay, it wasn’t that exciting but it did give me some insight of myself.

Home is where I can relax. I have struggled with not being productive. It seems throughout a day I can be bouncing up and down addressing whatever productive impulse enters my mind as soon as I have it. I should get the dishes done or make that phone call or get those papers organized and on and on and on. There are always chores to do – and the world won’t fall apart if they aren’t addressed this minute – but allowing my body and mind to relax adds to my overall happiness, and there is time for everything so I need not rush. So, I’ve come to allow these walls and ceilings and floors to remind me of the stillness found in a moment.

Home is where I can express myself. Whether it be dancing, off-key singing, or colourful paintings on the walls – home is where I let it all hang out. I drop any public façade and embrace the many facets of my personality without fear of rejection or judgment. Through this self-acceptance I am more accepting and non-judgmental of others. Everyone is unique and to expect anyone to be just as normal as I am is ludicrous. People are happier when they are able to love and fully embrace their own distinctive qualities.

Home is a place where I nourish our energies. To make our home a positive place to be my husband, cat, plants, and (of course) I need good, free-flowing energy. To provide this I pray and let the sun in and play music, all on a frequent basis. As we receive energy, in turn we let go of energy no longer serving us. It is a conscious and recurrent effort that calls me to be more mindful of how I carry myself through life.

At its ideal, my home is a reflection of my best self, what I hope for, and who I wish to be. Although it may be untidy or less than organized, my home is functional, peaceful, and full of all my best hopes.

Keri lives in her home in Boyle Street.

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